Facility Management

Our services as facility management consultants involves enforcing the tenants lease obligations and ensuring that property is used exclusively for the purpose for which the lease is granted and ensuring that all lease terms are adhered to. We adequately and competently represent the landlord in the discharge of his obligations by drawing up a workable management plan for each property and make available quarterly reports to landlords with pictures where necessary.

Project Management

We are capable of advising client on the value of their property assets for all purposes and commissioning valuation reports when needed. We also prepare feasibility and viability reports for proposed developments and offer consultancy services as project managers or members of the project team. 

Advisory Services

As players in the dynamic property market, we competently advise our clients on when, where and what to buy in order to reap quality returns on their investment based on their investment based on sound facts about market indices and trends. We also commission appraisal reports on the feasibility and viability of projects for clients who need sound facts for decision making.